Organic Superfood & Prebiotic Dog Treats, Delivered


Strawberry & Beet Treats

❤️ Antioxidant, Digestive & Immune Wellness


Wheatgrass & Coconut Treats

💚 Shiny Coat, Digestive & Immune Wellness


Turmeric & Cinnamon Treats

💛 Anti-Inflammatory, Digestive & Immune Wellness


What Dog Parents Are Saying

"Never thought superfoods could be so tasty! Furry family approved!💗"

-Pamela, W.

"My 4 Aussies love these treats!"

-Sandra, V.

"I have a super picky 4 year old frenchie with IBS. It's almost impossible to find treats for him that do not cause digestive upset (tried nearly all premium brands out there). These are the first treats my baby can enjoy without any digestive issues. Yay!! 😄"

-Paul, L.

Superfoods to Boost
your Dog’s Health


Prebiotics for Gut & Immune Health


Certified Organic & Human-Grade

We are proud to be certified organic and human-grade. While many pet food companies claim to be organic or human-grade without any proof or truth behind those claims, Joulie Organics is USDA certified (look for the organic seal!). That means no toxic pesticides, fertilizers, irradiation, or GMOs ever.  Plus, every single ingredient we select meets the USDA's rigorous standard for human food regulations. Because if it is not good enough for us to eat, we wouldn't feed it to your dog! 

Healthy Gut & Immune System

Our revolutionary prebiotic wellness treats contain a unique blend of 100% plant-based prebiotics shown to support your dog's digestive and immune health. While many products on the market are manufactured with cheap unstable probiotics, which quickly lose their beneficial properties, we only use premium, shelf-stable ingredients to ensure your dog gets all the health benefits he deserves.

Optimal Wellness

We only use premium, plant-based ingredients that are known to enhance your dog’s wellness from within. We are overjoyed and grateful to share this gift of health with you and your dog!

Sustainable Treats for Our Planet

By giving your dog our plant-based wellness treats, you are helping the planet, one paw at a time. Joulie Organics only uses cruelty-free, sustainable, and certified organic ingredients that have been produced without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, GMOs or irradiation. After all, we only have this one planet!

Giving Back

Joulie Organics is passionate about making a difference. Social responsibility, environmental awareness, and love for all animals are important aspects of our mission. That’s why we proudly donate a portion of our profits to environmental and animal rescue non-profit organizations. By giving your dog our wellness treats, you are building a better future for your yourself, your furry friend, animals in need, and the planet. 

We Care

We're a California based startup born to disrupt a pet industry ruled by products laden with artificial ingredients, animal by-products, and cheap fillers. We’re passionate about making a difference and only use sustainable ingredients packed with nutrients. That means no artificial stuff or animal products ever-only 100% certified organic & human-grade plant-based ingredients. Just like you, we're pet parents who want nothing but the best for our beloved furry babies. 

Join the Movement and Ignite Change

Joulie Organics has developed a humane and sustainable way to dog nutrition. We are committed to creating a world of healthy, happy dogs without harming other animals or our environment. By joining our movement and giving your dog our plant-based treats, you are building a better future for your dog, yourself and the planet.

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