5 Tips for Naturally Detoxifying Your Dog

Not just humans can benefit from detoxifying but dogs too. Toxins from various sources can build up in your dog’s system and increase the toxic load in the body. Various chronic health problems in today’s dogs are due in part to the toxic load they carry around with them. In this post, we will give you 5 easy tips to minimize your dog’s exposure to toxins and help reduce the toxic load.

1. Feed a Nutrient-Dense Diet

It is important to feed your dog a whole foods, nutrient-dense diet as well as high-quality protein. Organic food is highly preferred as it does not contain preservatives or other dangerous chemicals that can harm your dog’s health. Avoid feeding your dog low-quality commercial pet foods–most commercial pet foods are highly processed and contain cheap fillers, animal by-products and artificial ingredients. To make the food appear more attractive to consumers and more appealing to dogs, manufacturers add artificial colors and flavors to their dog food. And to extend the product's shelf life, artificial preservatives are added, which can cause digestive issues and may even be toxic for your dog.

2. Provide Filtered or Bottled Water

Tap water contains many chemicals such as fluoride or chlorine and contaminants like heavy metals. These toxins contribute to your dog’s toxic load over time. Just try to follow this simple rule: If you wouldn’t drink the water, your dog shouldn’t drink it either. Investing in a water filtration system is probably the most cost-effective way to make sure your dog has healthy and safe water to drink. If you are traveling with your dog, try to provide bottled water instead of tap water.

3. Reduce Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

There are various sources of dangerous chemicals in your dog's environment that can contribute to the toxic load. Although it may be difficult to avoid toxins completely, there are many ways you can at least reduce your dog’s exposure to them. Inside your home, forbid smoking and substitute chemical cleaning and laundry products for natural, non-toxic alternatives. It’s important to avoid polluting your dog’s indoor air with synthetic air fresheners, perfumes, plug-ins, or toxic dryer sheets. These products contain chemicals and can cause respiratory issues like asthma in both people and dogs. A high-quality air purifier (preferably a HEPA filter) is a great way to control environmental allergens and dust mites. In the outdoor environment, try to keep your dog away from areas that have been treated with pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides. If your dog likes to eat grass or other outside plants, make sure it is not an area where pesticides have been sprayed.

4. Avoid Over-Vaccinating and Over-Medicating Your Dog

Toxins are present in conventional vaccines and medications, and can contribute to the toxic load if overused. Vaccinating your dog more often than necessary can be dangerous since all vaccines have potential adverse side effects.  Vaccines also contain metals such as aluminum or mercury based additives that are potentially harmful for your dog. Many veterinarians are now warning about annual vaccine boosters, deeming them dangerous and unnecessary. Instead of routinely vaccinating your dog, ask your veterinarian to do a test to determine if your dog is still protected. Drugs such as steroids and antibiotics are also often overused and can be harmful to your dog's gut and liver. Find a holistic veterinarian that can help you explore natural alternatives such as acupuncture, nutraceuticals, or herbal remedies wherever possible.

5. Support Your Dog’s Body To Naturally Detox

Consider using natural detoxifiers that can support your dog's organs and help process and eliminate toxins. By giving your dog prebiotics on a daily basis, it is increasing the number of good bacteria which can detoxify your dog's system and help him absorb nutrients more efficiently. If your dog has been taking antibiotics, the prebiotics can balance the negative effects of that as well.

Also consider herbs that assist in liver detoxification and function including milk thistle, rehmannia or dandelion root.  Turmeric is another highly potent antioxidant that supports liver detoxification and is known to inhibit inflammation. The curcumin in the turmeric may also have a protective effect against mercury and other heavy metals. Other natural detoxifiers that help support organ function and detoxification include chlorella, spirulina, cranberry, dandelion, corn silk, and marshmallow. Speak to your holistic veterinarian for more information about using natural detoxifiers to support your dog’s health.

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