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Meet Joulie...

Meet Joulie

our beloved furry child and inspiration for creating Joulie Organics. At a young age, Joulie was diagnosed with an advanced-stage liver disease and given only a few months to live by veterinarians. We simply could not accept this and were determined to heal her holistically from the inside out. We switched Joulie to an organic whole food diet, and implemented healing superfoods, herbs and gut health promoting foods into her daily diet. Against all odds, Joulie made a full recovery and her health couldn't be better today. We believe that food can be healing and hope that our story will give hope to other dogs and their families dealing with health issues. 

As part of our health regimen, we also wanted to provide Joulie with holistically formulated treats but we couldn't find any that met our high standards. So we eventually created our own. Just like you, we are pet parents and want nothing but the best for our beloved furry child. We thoroughly researched the most beneficial superfoods for dogs and spent almost two years crafting our wellness treats.

Joulie is thriving and we realized that by sharing our wellness treats, we would be able to share the gift of health with other dogs and their families, while doing good for the planet and animals in need. That's when Joulie Organics was born.